Angus Grant

Author: Angus Grant

Angus Grant is a leading Canadian refugee lawyer, researcher, commentator, and academic. He has been engaged in immigration and refugee law issues for many years and has represented individuals and organizations at every level of court in Canada, in addition to collaborating on petitions before international human rights bodies. Most recently, Angus represented the Canadian Council for Refugees in several landmark cases on international refugee law before the highest Canadian state courts. He is currently lead counsel in an intervention before the Supreme Court of Canada on the issue of people smuggling and its impacts upon refugee protection. Over the past 10 years, Angus has also been employed by a state legal assistance body – Legal Aid Ontario – to provide strategic advice and in-depth legal research on refugee law for lawyers engaged in complex refugee litigation. Angus has also advised Legal Aid Ontario on developments in refugee law and made recommendations to the organization on areas of strategic importance in assessing funding priorities in refugee litigation. Now also a doctoral candidate in law at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, Angus is engaging in a wide-ranging study of the intersections between state security measures, international law and the rights of immigrants and refugees. Angus is specifically looking at the indefinite limbo faced by refugee claimants who have been found inadmissible on security grounds, but who cannot be returned to their countries of origin because of a high risk of torture.